School initiative "Carinthian pupils in brussels"

The Regional Government of Carinthia – at the initiative of Governor Dr. Peter Kaiser – supports pupils on an excursion to the European Institutions in Brussels. The excursion should be combined with a visit to the EU-Representation Office of Carinthia in Brussels for the pupils to find out about the importance of this representation on-site.

Each participant is supported with EUR 100,-.

Who can apply?

Every Carinthian school or parents’ association. The application must be submitted in writing with the according form at the latest before the start of the trip.

What are the requirements?

  • The trip must be based on an educational concept (EU topics in school lessons), according to which the pupils work on special EU-topics in advance. (Recommendation: choose a fitting name for the project!). Additionally, the offers of the Europahaus Klagenfurt and the Carinthian EuropeDirect offices for school-related EU talks, etc. can be used.
  • In the course of the excursion to Brussels, a visit to the EU-Representation Office and at least one European Institution (e.g. European Commission, European Parliament, The Permanent Representation of Austria to the European Union, etc.) is obligatory.
  • The trip must be documented by means of reports and photos and/or films which may be published on the EU-Representation Office’s website.

Is there a legal entitlement to subsidies by the State of Carinthia?

The principle "first come - first serve" applies. There is no legal entitlement.

What needs to be done after the excursion?

Proof of the successful completion of the excursion must be submitted within two months of the trip:

  • The proof of use required in the declaration of commitment
  • Reports or project work and photos and/or films

For more information about the initiative Carinthian Pupils in Brussels klick here.


Amt der Kärntner Landesregierung

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