visiting the eu-representation

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The EU-Representation Office of Carinthia regularly opens its doors for groups of visitors from Carinthia - hundreds of people are received in Brussels every year and are given an insight into the activities of the EU-Representation Office. The visitors are diverse: political groups and groups of stakeholders (including the Chamber of Labour, the Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Agriculture, the Federation of Austrian Industries), pupils and students, clubs and associations, choirs and many more. The wide-ranging topics for talks and discussions include the functioning of the EU-Representation Office of Carinthia, the regions possibilities of influencing the European legislative process, the functioning of the EU as a whole, in-detail information on access to EU funds and subsidies, as well as hot topics such as Brexit or the negotiations on the next EU budget.

Visitors 2019

In 2019, the EU-Representation Office of Carinthia hosted a total of 20 groups of visitors. The approximately 500 Carinthians came from different domains, such as schools, clubs, associations and municipal representations and were on study trips to the capital of Europe. The visitors had the opportunity to learn more about the tasks and functions of the EU-Representation Office of Carinthia as well as get to know more aboutt the EU, its institutions and the processes involved.