tourism in carinthia

Austria's southernmost region offers a wonderful natural landscape, culinary delights, 42 lakes and 24 ski resorts with a guarantee of snow.

Winter in Carinthia promises unlimited skiing pleasure, glaciers and hospitality. The southern side of the Alps - with its glistening ice-blue peaks and snow-covered untouched valleys - offers a wonderful scenery for a perfect winter paradise. In Carinthia, you do not have to search long to tailor a winter holiday entirely to your taste. You will find everything from alpine sports, and cosy thermal spas and wellness, to the most modern ski lifts with short waiting times and perfectly prepared slopes.

In the summer, Carinthia offers a wide range of activities, with something for every taste. Idyllic nature adventures, a party atmosphere and loveable traditions characterise Carinthia just as much as the rich sports offer. The beautiful lakes and the Mediterranean climate provide a southern flair, while the extensive hiking and cycling tours from gentle hills to high alpine tracks offer a perfectly varied sports programme. Once you have discovered the taste for adventure, you can discover other sports such as surfing, sailing, kayaking or trekking.

But Carinthia offers even more: culinary delights range from haute cuisine to Kärntner Nudel (traditional dumplings filled with white cheese and seasoning). This allows you to quickly feel the southern joie de vivre during a cosy evening in a hut or during a festive open-air musical.