Carinthia at a glance

Carinthia is considered a land of mountains and lakes: 93 of its mountain peaks are higher than 3.000 metres. At 3.798 metres, Grossglockner is the highest mountain in Austria. The approximately 1.270 lakes and stagnant waters are all of drinking water quality. At around 54%, the proportion of forested land is also very high. Here are some facts and figures about the state of Carinthia:

Capital: Klagenfurt

Population: 560 898 (1st January 2018)

Area: 9538.01 km²

Highest point: 3,798 m - Grossglockner

Lowest point: 348 m - Lavamünd

Districts: 10 - including 2 statutory cities

Municipalities: 132 - thereof 17 municipalities with city status and 47 market towns

8 hours…is the average daily sunshine duration in Carinthia. You can find more information about the temperatures in the state in the Climate Atlas of Carinthia.

If you would like to know more about Carinthia's geography, please consult the Carinthia Atlas, the geographic information system of the Carinthian government.